Before the 2020 ends

Great movies you want to watch right now

While you can find many incredible movies and comic books, the truth is that dystopian movies stand out quite a bit in this world we are living in, especially in this pandemic. They are nothing short of extraordinary, and the best part about them is that you get to immerse yourself into different worlds with their own rules. If you love dystopian worlds, you should check these great movies below.

Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is a movie from 2019, where we follow a cyborg girl that wants to learn more about her destiny. She awakens in a new body, amnesiac and very interested in her past. The world itself is stunning, full of robots and with some dark secrets as well.

Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines talks about a future where you have a 60-minute war that brings humanity close to extinction. We are using all the modern and digital tech, and we can only rely on 19th-century tech. Every large city gets massive engines to make itself movable, which is a fascinating idea. This movie has a beautiful dystopian story, and it’s based on a novel.

Ready Player One

The world is overpopulated, a lot of people live in slum-like cities, and the climate is very problematic. To escape these daily issues, people engage in a virtual world named the OASIS. This is where they live most of their lives and focus on entertainment, education a work. But there’s trouble in paradise as well.


Equals has a touching story where two people that have a disease regain their ability to feel emotion and compassion. The interesting thing is that the entire society doesn’t have any feelings anymore, so having these emotions is very different.

Mad Max: Fury Road 1

Mad Max: Fury Road 1 ( we all are still waiting for sequel) is a great movie where we get to see how people live in deserted locations, and they battle each other, take prisoners and deal with a vast range of unique challenges. The movie itself is very immersive, full of exciting moments, and it shows a unique insight into a very different future.


RoboCop is a remake of the 1987 movie, and here a police officer is killed in the line of duty. However, they are using the power of robotics to bring him back to life, and the world becomes very different.

The Purge

In The Purge, America is plagued by crime; the government offers a timeline of 12 hours a year when the crime is legal. The story is very interesting, and people loved the movie quite a lot since it spawned a TV series and sequels.

These movies are exciting, full of extraordinary ideas, and you will find yourself immersed in these wondrous worlds. That’s what makes it stand out, and the cool thing is that you have a variety of different solutions and ideas you can explore. You should check any of these movies out before 2020 ends.

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